The objectives of MASO are:
  1. Focus attention and stimulate the study of obesity in Malaysia including its causes, manifestations and prevention.

  2. Provide an independent body of healthcare professionals involved in both basic and applied research into the subject.

  3. Encourage research into all facets and prevention of obesity.

  4. Provide a better understanding of obesity to healthcare professionals and to general public.

  5. Seek affiliation with international bodies to ensure the best possible exchange of information about the study of the epidemiological, metabolic, nutritional, pharmacological, surgical, behavioural and educational aspects of obesity and its treatment.

  6. To compile, print, publish and distribute brochures and /or journals by experts detailing information about obesity with the prior approval of the authority concerned.

  7. To receive donations in the form of cash or bonds or share certificates from any person or group of persons so disposed on behalf of the Society and also to borrow or raise money and to invest and deal with money so derived for the purpose of enhancing the scientific study of and the cure for obese patients.