MASO has collaborated with:

  1. Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
    MASO is an active member of the National Coordinating Committee for Food and Nutrition (NCCFN). MASO members are actively involved in various Technical Working Groups within the NCCFN since 1994.

  2. Nutrition Month Malaysia (NMM)
    MASO members are involved in the steering committee of Nutrition Month Malaysia together with Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) and Malaysian Dieticians’ Association (MDA) since 2002. Links to collaborations between MASO, NSM and MDA for Nutrition Month Malaysia (NMM) can be found at:

  3. National Diabetes Institute (NADI)
    MASO members have been involved in roadshows on the prevention and management of diabetes.

  4. Confederation of Science and Technology Associations of Malaysia (COSTAM)
    MASO is a member of COSTAM as an umbrella body. MASO members have served in the committee of COSTAM before.

  5. Majlis Cegah Obesiti Malaysia (MCOM)
    MASO is an affiliate member of MCOM.

  6. Health Promotion Board Malaysia (HPB)
    MASO has received health promotion grants from HPB and has been involved in drafting modules for obesity prevention.

  7. World Obesity Federation (WOF)
    MASO jointly organized 12th ICO in Kuala Lumpur in 2014

  8. Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgery Society (APBSS)
    MASO co-organized an international conference with APBS in 2007

  9. Asia-Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity (AOASO)
    MASO organized 2nd AOCO in Kuala Lumpur in 2003.

  10. Weight Management Information Centre (WMIC).
    MASO is represented as one of the Board of Directors with the WMIC for weight management programs supported by the education fund from Roche Malaysia (2000-2010).