MASO established an Education Fund for the purpose of providing grants to MASO members to attend seminars, conferences and similar scientific meetings in obesity and related fields on both local and international platforms.


  • Applicants should have his/her paper that is related to obesity accepted for oral or poster presentation at a seminar or conference.
  • Life and Ordinary Members who have paid up all membership fees shall be eligible to apply for the grant.
  • Each applicant shall be awarded up to a maximum of ringgit five hundred (RM500) for each seminar or conference.
  • A successful applicant shall not be considered for more than one grant every two years.
  • All applications for the grant need to be filled up in official MASO form approved by the Council, and submitted together with an abstract of the paper to be presented.
  • Applications should be submitted to the Honorary Secretary at least two months before the date of the seminar or conference.

>>Grant for Seminars and Conferences Form