Obesity: Missing the 2025 Global Targets Report


All countries significantly off track to meet 2025 WHO targets on Obesity.
  • On current trends, 1 in 5 adults worldwide are expected to have obesity by 2025, yet all countries fall short of 2025 targets
  • Low- and middle-income countries are experiencing the greatest rise, highest numbers and lowest likelihood of meeting WHO targets
  • High BMI is estimated to cost health services globally US$990 billion per year (13% healthcare expenditure)
  • Obesity increases the risk of many diseases, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • Governments have previously committed to international targets and are urged to prioritize investment in addressing obesity through obesity treatment services, early intervention and prevention.
  • As part of a new World Obesity Day, leading obesity organizations from across the globe are calling for collective action to address the global obesity challenge.