Obesity and COVID-19: Policy Statement

2020-04-09 World Obesity Federation commends the WHO and most governments around the world for their leadership and rapid and comprehensive action to control this pandemic. The WHO has highlighted non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a risk factor for becoming seriously ill with COVID-19. Based on emerging data and the patterns of infection we have seen in other viral infections, overweight and obesity are also likely to be risk factors for worse outcomes in those who are infected by COVID-19. In the UK, a report suggests that two-thirds of people who have fallen seriously ill with coronavirus were overweight or had obesity. Meanwhile, a report from Italy suggests 99% of deaths have been in patients with pre-existing conditions, including those which are commonly seen in people with obesity such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. A similar trend was also observed in Malaysia.

To read the statement from the policy team of World Obesity in regards to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the implications on those living with obesity, please visit https://www.worldobesity.org/news/obesity-and-covid-19-policy-statement