World Obesity Day Activities - Malaysia

MASO 10k Steps Challenge

Date : 30 October 2016,
Venue : Online advocacy program using social media (Facebook) towards 10k steps per day.

  • 1-29 October 2016 : Online Registration ( We invite all individuals to join us through facebook to sign up for MASO 10k steps challenge in conjunction with World Obesity Day)
  • 30 October 2016 : Participants go for a walk and accumulate 10,000 steps on 30 October 2016.
  • Participants upload their picture with pedometer/ apps with number of steps accumulated on 30 October.
  • Certificate of the achievement will be given to those with more than 10 k steps

To register, click here:

Visit our Facepage page:

For more details, please download: World Obesity Day 2016.pdf