Scientific Update

Scientific Updates conjunction with the MASO Annual General Meeting. Sometimes updates were organized as separate events. The list below provides basic details of these updates:

Year Speaker Topic
1997 Prof. Andrew Hill QUT, Australia Exercise prescription for the overweight and obese.
2000 Prof. Ian Caterson (Aust) Prof. Nick Finer (UK) Roche Evening Symposium on Obesity co-organised by MASO
2001 Prof Dr Mohd Ismail Noor (UKM) Management of overweight and obesity: A time for change MASO/Roche event
2002 Prof. Dr Steven Blair Copper Institute, USA Does physical activity substantially reduce the health effect of obesity?
2004 Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ismail Noor (UKM) Strategies for the Prevention of Obesity: An Update
2006 Dr. Ng Lai Oon (UKM) Healthy Eating and Exercise: How Do We Get Motivated?
2007 Dr. Hamid Jan b. Jan Mohamed (USM) Genetics of Obesity
2008 Dr. Zanariah Hussein Hospital Putrajaya. Updates on Obesity and Clinical Management of Obese Patients
2009 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teoh Hsien-Jin Psychological Aspects of Child Obesity
2010 Prof. Dr. Boyd Swinburn Deakin Uni. Australia Policy Action for Obesity Prevention in Malaysia
2011 Prof. Dr. Anthony Leeds (UK) Very Low Calorie Diet and formula Low Calorie Diet in practice – time for a reappraisal
2012 Prof. Dr. Angelo Pietrobelli Verona University, Italy. Beyond Body Mass Index – Advanced technology for monitoring body composition
2013 Prof. Dr. Mohd Ismail Noor (UiTM) Road to ICO 2014
2014 Prof. Jean-Pierre Poulain Obesity: A Sociological and Cultural Perspective
2016 Prof. Dr. Jeyakumar Henry (A*Star, Singapore) Are Carbohydrates Making Us Fat? Evidence from Asia
2017 Dr. V. Suresh Kumar (Taylor’s University) An Ideal Weight for Good
2018 Prof. Dr. Susan Jebb (University of Oxford, UK) Diet, Obesity and Health: From Science To Policy